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For sponsorship of Bhet - Sewa, please contact following
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Hari Dave
(480) 926-7640
Email :davefamily10@hotmail.com
Hasmukh Kavathia
Ashvin Sheth
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With the blessing of Shreenathji Bawa " Vaishnav Samaj of Arizona (VSAZ) invites you to Celebrate with us 10th Patotsav (Anniversary) and Chhapanbhog Utsav on February 13 through 16, 2020. Our Vaishnav community has already started preparation for this Maha Utsav. Please plan ahead to join us.

Place: 6300 S. 23rd Ave Phoenix, AZ 85041

Exact timing for each Utsav will be published in January, 2020. Please plan now to celebrate with us most exciting Patotsav celebration in Phoenix. Bring your family and friends. For out of town Vaishnavs Hotel accommodation can be arranged. Details to follow

Patotsav 2017 Live Webcast

For Sponsorship and Seva, contact:

Hari Dave: 480-926-7640    Jatin Shah: 602-298-6364
Raju Shah: 602-999-6635     Jagdish Thekdi: 480-964-3473
Ashvin Sheth: 480-890-1617     Nisha Shah : 480-657-0216
Savitri Savajiyani: 602-402-0667    Dipika Shah: 623-561-1140
Nilesh Shah: 602-863-6480     Hasmukh Kavathia: 480-948-3053
Vinaben Shah: 480-456-0918     Hinaben Shah : 480-491-4982
Shobhanaben Shah: 623-979-5199     Arunaben Dholakia : 602-380-9697

  Vaishnav Samaj of Arizona is a non-profit organization established in 2004. The mission of Vaishnav Samaj of Arizona is to promote and preserve the Hindu religion based on the principles of Pushti Marg through religious and cultural activities. The Samaj is composed of enthusiastic members who together are involved in Pushtimargiya activities and functions and are anxious to serve the spiritual needs of all all members of Arizona. The activities include Mahaprabhuji Utsav, Janmashtami, Annakut, etc. In addition, the Samaj holds weekly Pushti swadhyay.  
Paath - every Sunday from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM at the temple. Mahaprasad will be offered after 6:00 PM. For sponsoring this event on any Sunday,
please contact following:
Hasmukh Kavathia - 480-948-3053 or Ashvin Sheth - 480-890-1617
6300 South 23rd Ave.,
Phoenix, AZ 85041
Phone: 602-288-8801
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